Match Highlights: England Colts v Wales Youth, 1989

A previous blog post entitled ‘England and Wales stars of the future line-up in 1989’ featured the likes of Martin Johnson and Scott Gibbs singing their respective anthems in the lead-up to a tough-tackling ‘England Colts’ v ‘Wales Youth’ match held in Torquay back in 1989.

The footage was supplied by Mr Barrie Gledhill, who was an assistant referee that day, and generated considerable interest, particularly amongst several of those who were in attendance that day, either as spectators or players.

The consensus amongst them was that Wales had the better of the game despite England running out winners. As promised we are now able to publish highlights of the game and it would seem that their memories are correct.

Wales have most of the ball and generate the most chances in the first-half before a more evenly contested second-half. England, however, finish the stronger and it is during the final quarter of the game that they score the points that deliver them the victory.

See for yourself…


If you have any home-recorded historic rugby footage, that you would be willing to share us, let us know!

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